In dreams 1977-1999 memories are made of the same substance as dreams




family Jean-Rémy Thierry M Kitschy Kebra Luc Anne & Jean
François Mike P'tit Marc Jean-Pierre Pascal Thierry S Terry
Nick Nancy & Guy Aël Eric Enrico other friends & lovers selfportraits
        all photos (c) Luis Alvarez

In dreams is part of a multiple project composed of an installation, a performance and a web site.

20 years worth of intimate images are the starting point for this project, a kind of report about my own life, which initially was not meant for an exhibition, but simply the result of a desire to preserve a trace. Only later did I realize that these images could be shown, that their intimacy could be confronted with the intimacy of others.

The initial intention was simple: to fix ones life on film. Since the world flees us, let us try to acquire its reflection, before the others leave us let us capture their image...

So the idea was never to be separated from a photo camera, to capture every important event or person, and mainly every love.

A utopian project, given the disturbance caused by the appearance of a photo camera and its way of influencing and deforming reality.
And yet what remains of this illusory idea of capturing the moment are a few rare moments and above all some portraits, in which the most important is present : the privileged relationship, at a time, with the other.